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Our Mission

Dearborn Adult Center’s mission is to provide area seniors a place to thrive with an improved quality of life that supports independent aging in a caring environment and reassures them they matter.

What the community is saying about
Dearborn Adult Center

Happy Senior Couple

The Dearborn Adult Center is a great place to have fun and gather the resources that you need. Everyone is friendly

and helpful!

- C Lang

Elderly Woman at Gym

A wonderful place for seniors and others to meet, socialize and have a great time. There are many things to do there. Dance, art, yoga, exercise, and other classes. Come down and see for yourself!

- J Craig

Senior Dance Club

I love going to the Adult Center on Friday. The country band is great! I go as often as possible!

- G Long

Platinum Level Sponsors
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Bronze Level Sponsors

We would also like to give special thanks to JTM, the City of Lawrenceburg, the Dearborn Community Foundation, and the City of Greendale for their support.

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